Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Virgo-Aquarius)

Virgo with Aquarius

Aquarius may hold too many surprises for the conservative Virgo to cope with. This is an elaborate combination to analyze. A lot depends on the cultural and educational levels of the partners. If there is a marked difference between the two, the chances for a happy and enduring marriage are almost zilch. But if both happen to be collage sweethearts or if they do the same sort of work, chances for a happy marriage are greatly increased. There is no happy medium with this combination; it is either very good or very bad.

There can be an intellectual togetherness here but that is about where it ends. Almost everything else about the relationship will be puzzling especially to Virgo. Don't expect any deep emotional scenes.

This can be a very challenging and exciting encounter with both the element of surprise, and friendship turning sexual fast. Virgo and Aquarius are an interesting combination of passion, friendship and sexuality. Social activities will keep the relationship stimulating and highly erotic. Virgo is a sign that will keep Aquarius grounded. Both desire sex, friendship and share creative abilities. Over time, one of you may fall in love quickly and suddenly. Keep it light Virgo, and see what develops. Aquarius needs to give Virgo credit for effort and laughter. Virgo is not as shy as Aquarius would like to believe. When Aquarius becomes silent, Virgo will feel the need to escape. For this to work: plan trips and travel together. Build a connection based on substance and you could create memories of a lifetime together.