Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Scorpio-Cancer)

Scorpio with Cancer

Masterful Scorpio should make a good mate for quiet spoken cancer. While jealousy may plague both from time to time, their great mutual ability to love deeply will usually limit periods of dissension. Scorpio is well equipped to cope with Cancerian moods. Excess energy which Scorpio emanates, will act as strong tonic for cancer's reticence. Scorpio and cancer could well prove the ideal marriage combination.

Both are ruled by the emotions and both are water signs. Can be very constructive or very destructive depending on the next wave. If water signs could only learn to float instead of surge.

Here is an ideal hook up. Both will understand one another before their first date. Both are water signs and extremely compatible in their approaches to love and sex. Sex could turn a one-night stand into a very secure relationship. When Cancer gets moody, Scorpio will withdraw and seem selfish.

The more Cancer clings to Scorpio, the worse it gets. Scorpio needs to understand that Cancer is more sensitive than they appear and Cancer needs to know that Scorpio is faithful but will need occasional privacy. Cancer must not mistake this for a sign of rejection. Scorpio will need to be cautious during full moon periods. Take trips together. Cancer rules the moon and Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. They will look physically more attractive together than when apart. Scorpio will make Cancer feel loved like never before and Cancer will give Scorpio all the love they crave.

This is a good choice for both signs. Strong compatibility and loyalty will survive any stormy moments. These two have a public audience/fan club in public when together.