Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Compatibility! (Leo-Pisces)

Leo with Pisces

The strong and hearty temperament of Leo may be too much for the subtle and sensitive Pisces. Pisces, with resilience, takes on the changing moods of any partnership. Impressionable Pisces is easily hurt by any trivial or imagined wrong, and becomes very difficult to cope with, and dangerous to boot.

While Leo is flattered by the dependency of others, if he abused Pisces, the resentment of Pisces may be too much for Leo to take over a long period of time.

Fiery Leo and watery Pisces. This is the depiction of these two. Generally not expected to work but both have an ability to learn from one another if they can get past their innate differences.

There is a mystical and sensual connection when Leo meets Pisces. They both will be surprised by the chemistry and intensity they initially feel for each other. This could be the real thing for Pisces. Leo is impressed with Pisces social charm and seductive ways. Pisces wants to seduce Leo immediately. Water and Fire will experience a passionate sex life. When they click, nothing and absolutely nothing gets in the way. The need to express love will be felt very strongly by both parties and sex will be erotic and intoxicating. Over time, Leo will come to the conclusion that Pisces is fun for a night and that’s about it. It’s fun while it lasts. A brief affair is possible but long-term love is not so promising for Leo. Pisces could swim away in a sea of tears.