Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Libra-Sagittarius)

Libra with Sagittarius

Sagittarius’s philosophy of life may be to much for the free and easy going Libra to cope with. However, this is a good marital combination. Libra will get all the excitement they want if they marry Sagittarius. The only question will be is will Libra’s endurance be able to last through the long haul with the Sagittarius partner? The Libran love of beauty, luxury, and social whirl appeals to the Sagittarius. But he will not be tied to the Libran apron-string.

Sagittarius hates bondage and can not be confined, and will not tolerate bondage, whether it be legal or not, and will use all the means at his command to break through bonds.

Again we have the tactful Libra nature surfacing to create some harmony in the relationship. They will do well together, if Sagittarius can manage to be around enough to fulfill Libra’s need for togetherness.

Libra is ruled by Venus and is very seductive and classy. Libra’s charming beauty and positive outlook are what Sagittarius seeks in a love/sexual relationship. These two will share lots of laughter together and may even share a home. Sagittarius provides substance and intensity to Libra. The attraction leads to sex, love and may conclude with marriage. This relationship grows sexier and more romantic over time. Libra will help Sagittarius get a home and together they will travel. Family issues will dominate over time. Friends could also be a source of gossip and or jealousy. A strong attraction will survive any emotional dramas or showdowns. Sagittarius must work on loyalty if they want “classy” Libra to stick with them in sickness and in health.