Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Compatibility! (Gemini-Capricorn)

Gemini with Capricorn

The Saturn ruled Capricorn will be at odds with the Mercury ruled Gemini. Patience is a virtue with Capricorn, but not so with Gemini. Unless there is a willingness to slow down and heed the good advice of the Capricorn mate, much dissension and unhappiness is in the stars. Regardless of opposition, Capricorn's great drive to excel will prove to be too much for the Gemini. Until they are both ready to trim their sails, the goat of Capricorn will go on butting until he gains the upper hand.

The natural need to communicate for Gemini can get a bit bogged down under the influence of Capricorn. You may need to agree to a truce based on getting on with things. It's not all bad because there are complimentary factors at play with the experience of Capricorn and the high spirited Gemini. Of course if you know two people that are these signs, anything is possible!

Mutable (Gemini) and cardinal (Capricorn) signs can produce power, money and a lifetime relationship together. There is physical attraction and plenty of stimulating conversation when these two hook up. Capricorn is someone who will stick with Gemini through good times and bad. This is a highly rewarding combination that combines intellectual curiosity with intense sexual chemistry. Capricorn is a keeper and Gemini should make sure they don’t let this sexy sign get away. Stick around for this one, Gemini. Capricorn can teach you the value of quality versus quantity. Gemini can teach Capricorn to learn more about maintaining a free and easy going attitude. Both can benefit as long as the desire and attraction are there.