Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Capricorn-Virgo)

Capricorn with Virgo

With these two signs there are some similarity and compatibility. They are both very exacting. This stops many areas of disagreement. They both take great pride in appearance and surroundings. They can find a friend in each other, when the outside world is too much to cope with. This Mercury-Sun combination should find mutual grounds for an agreeable partnership.

These are two earth signs who will find complimentary values in their sense of the practical and realistic needs of life. The relationship could suffer from lack of romance, as both tend to be a bit reserved in this area.

Both share an amazing ability to communicate and understand one another. Their conversations get better over time and so does the relationship. They will understand each other’s goals and hopes for the future.

There is an unspoken bond here that once established hardly ever gets broken. These two will support each other through good times and bad. Virgo is a keeper for sexy Capricorn. They will provide each other with what the other person instinctively needs and desires sexually.

This is an outstanding combination for both sex and love. You can’t go wrong with this astrological combination, period. Virgo can help keep Capricorn grounded. These two will fall in love at some point.