Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Compatibility! (Gemini-Pisces)

Gemini with Pisces

The freedom of those Gemini’s out there is at stake if you marry a Piscean. They must be prepared to give up all outside interests and devote all of their time and thoughts to the Pisces mate. The sensitive and distrustful Piscean nature will, no doubt, prove too much for the liberty loving Gemini to cope with.

Gemini’s must be prepared to change their ways almost completely if they would seek happiness with a loving, possessive, and clinging Pisces.

Both of these people are usually "live and let live" types, but it's a stretch here. Gemini, always on the go, active, stirring the pot, mentally stimulated. Pisces, on the other hand, is intuitive, dreamy, sensitive and driven by emotional content.

Pisces will see adventure in Gemini. Gemini will tend to ignore Pisces deep emotions and not take Pisces seriously. Gemini is interested in keeping things on the lighter side. Pisces will be seeking depth and loyalty that Gemini considers smothering. These two will be sexually attracted to each other but where it leads will be another story. These two share a strong sexual attraction. Sex could start a relationship or end it. Either way, sex will be a source of irritation at some point. Gemini will need to learn to trust Pisces and Pisces will need to be more tolerant of Gemini’s need for freedom and versatility. Pisces will exercise patience initially, but eventually will tire of the fast pace and seek a partner not so interested in popularity. Gemini will always have outside interests to keep stimulated. Pisces will need to keep Gemini on a long leash to be happy. Better skip this one or someone could walk away heartbroken.