Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Virgo-Virgo)

Virgo with Virgo

Finding anything resembling compatibility would be hard for this combination. Both have a tendency to end up with a battle of the wits with both opponents evenly matched. Each would over exaggerate the faults of the other. At best it would be a commonplace marriage, with the possibility of husband and wife talking each other to distraction.

These two signs can produce power, money and families together. There is physical attraction and plenty of sensuality when these two meet. This is a highly rewarding association that has both long and short term potential. Go slow in the sex department. There could be an over abundance of intellectual stimulation here. Over time, one or the other could come to the conclusion that something is missing. It could be a case of having too much in common. All relationships need balance. Make sure you are really in love or one of you could walk away regretting the experience. Take it slow for best results.