Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Compatibility! (Leo-Gemini)

Leo with Gemini

While Leo loves with his heart first, Gemini loves with his mind. This combination will soon find out that they are unsuited for each other. On the surface there is great mutual attraction for both signs. Both are naturally attracted to glamour, flattery and the world of good fellowship both will have this in common. BUT after they return home from the party, the carefree, passionate Leo will surely clash with the unreasonable Gemini. Of course the Gemini will complain that the Leo love of nature is too material, possessive and demanding.

There is good reason to be optimistic about this pairing though, despite the above, that is if Leo can understand that Gemini won't always be around to give them the attention they thrive on. Gemini will need to understand Leo's need to run the world, but all in all this is a very good combination of air and fire.

Leo is seriously drawn to Gemini sex appeal. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini has beauty and a brain and Leo finds this quality very sexy. Gemini is witty and can make Leo laugh the blues away, which is another plus. Leo will be up for the challenge of mysterious Gemini. Gemini sees Leo as the best looking lover they have ever had. There is great sex potential and long-term possibility. To make this one work Leo should provide Gemini lots of freedom and keep his or her sense of humor on at all times. Leo will need to tone down dramatic episodes and laziness if they desire to keep Gemini in the picture. Gemini should remain a mystery to Leo at all times for best results. Sex will be hot. Love will be very possible. Gemini will keep secrets from Leo. Careful, Leo!