Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Libra-Cancer)

Libra with Cancer

Cancer is not temperamentally suited to cope with the freedom loving Libra. They could go for days of no recognition if they have a serious disagreement. Libra's great desire for attention may bring on a period of sulking depression that could create a highly controversial situation. Though Libra love's justice and fair play, cancer has a tendency to tale advantage of all of these quality for his own private use.

On the positive side though, they could make it. Ruled by the moon and Venus respectively, there is common ground here despite the fact that we have a water sign and an air. The sensitive cancer can rest assured that Libra is generally peace-loving and won't often stir things up. Libra is also love-loving as well and this should sit well with cancer. Libra will appreciate cancer's loyalty and generosity.

These two could stumble upon each other almost anywhere and wind up getting married the next day. There are strange but true occurrences when a Cancer and Libra meet. These two cannot get enough of one another and Libra will truly appreciate the sensitive side of Cancer. There will be a lot of baby talk, gifts given and displays of romance. Sex will be great with Libra, and Cancer can sexually energize Libra in a way like no other. This is a memorable and worthwhile encounter that has potential for children and marriage. Cancer must brush up their social skills while Libra could learn a few lessons about patience and tolerance from Cancer. These two will balance each other out beautifully. There are too many promising aspects for sex and love to ignore. Cancer will create a sparkle in Libra’s eyes. Experience this relationship while you can.