Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Compatibility! (Cancer-Pisces)

Cancer with Pisces

The sentimental combination of these two signs makes for an ideal marriage. Although both will have their moments of gloom and doom, they will soon come out in the sunshine and forgive and forget. Lover's quarrels are frequent, but the making up is bliss. Both cherish home, possessions, and friends and there will be mutual effort to fulfill all obligations.

Water and water, emotion and emotion, intuition and intuition. Sorry for being redundant but these two are so much alike in nature that you'd have some difficulty telling them apart. They are both romantic, need to love and be loved and can probably communicate to each other without speaking or making facial gestures. In fact they probably didn't even read this because they already knew they were meant to be together.

Sooner or later, these two are destined to experience a love relationship. How long it will last, however, will be another story. Both are sensual, intuitive, and artistic. Pisces tends to swim in deep emotional waters and Cancer loves the depth and creativity that Pisces brings to the relationship.

There is sexual chemistry and the potential for a serious long-term relationship. Cancer will find Pisces brings chemistry, stability and adventure to his or her life. Pisces loves the intense chemistry, social contacts and stability that Cancer brings to the relationship. Cancer will be able to read Pisces mind and may tend to underestimate Pisces intuition. A huge mistake for Cancer! Problems will arise when dark moods hit. You are both so intuitive that you will be able to read each other’s minds at times. This is where and when problems arise. For this relationship to work, you should give each other space and learn to not focus on the others weaknesses, as this could spell the end. You will both know whether the relationship is worth saving and will do the right thing.

You either love each other or you don’t. Pisces will swim away if Cancer doesn’t behave.