Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Libra-Aries)

Libra with Aries

A great combination of Mars and Venus. The warm and passionate Libra person will make a welcome home for the fiery, impetuous Aries. This will be particularly true if both persons are on the same cultural and intellectual plane. This could be a poor match if either one of them is from a culture or religion varying from their own.

Aries appreciates the passion and emotion that Libra person possess. However too much of a good thing could spoil it. There must be balance for this to work. There is a wider the ordinary margin for error though, and most of these combinations will go the distance. Libra's refined and artistic temperament yearns for reciprocal attachments. And this is something Aries can provide.

Libra is ruled by Venus and is exceptionally attractive to Aries. Libra’s effortless beauty and social graces are what Aries secretly desires. These zodiac opposites will share lots of laughter together and go to the hottest parties. It will seem like a constant party. Aries provides substance and intensity to Libra. The attraction could lead to marriage. Libra could find Aries aggressiveness a bit extreme for their tastes. Give each other space and both can survive the rough waters. This relationship gets better over time. The potential for sex is very promising. Libra will help Aries get a makeover and perhaps a home as well. Aspects are great for marriage. Family issues will dominate over time.