Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Scorpio-Pisces)

Scorpio with Pisces

This may be a love at first sight combination, however it seldom lasts a long period of time. Everything seems fine until Pisces gets tired of the little interests that seem to keep Scorpio occupied outside of the home. Positive qualities of Pisces are not appreciated by Scorpio, who feels that possessiveness is his own sacred domain. The latching on of Pisces has Scorpio’s sympathies, but respect is soon lost for the weaker member, and the relationship will soon deteriorate.

But, on the positive side there is an intuitive bond here that both will find agreeable. There is attraction and emotion and feelings and all that good stuff that you both like. Not too much though. Just be sure you can still see clearly and realistically once in awhile.

When these two connect for the first time, sparks will fly and they will feel they have met a soul mate. There is a deep unexplainable connection when they meet and get to know each other. Pisces represents Scorpio’s fifth house of love and sex. There will be love at first sight and great sex. Many relationships and marriages take place when these two fall in love. This could be the real thing. Scorpio and Pisces are highly intuitive, sexual and mysterious by nature. They will have a passionate time together and love is almost guaranteed.

When these two click, nothing and absolutely nothing gets in the way. The need to express love will be felt very strongly by both signs. Sex will be exotic, erotic and intoxicating. Memories of this attraction linger in both Scorpio and Pisces minds long after their romance is over.

This could be a very rewarding, prosperous and lasting experience for both of you. Why not?