Monday, 27 February 2012

Compatibility! (Aries-Scorpio)

Aries with Scorpio

Since there is no room for two heads in one family, this combination is not an ideal match. With Mars dominating both signs it makes for very positive temperaments unless their are several benign natal planetary aspects. In simple terms, there are conditions which when meet in their natal chart, (a synastry will determine this) they may actually be a good match. This is rare however, because both are natural born leaders and we all know; only one can lead.

While Scorpio may adore the Aries from a sexual standpoint, their more mundane interests would be constantly at odds. Scorpio may also be intimidated by Aries leadership tendencies, and this may lead to some resentments.

There is potential for these two to have a lasting love affair. Aries has finally met someone who understands them unconditionally. Water needs fire occasionally. It’s either all or nothing when these two meet.

They either fall in love and get married or have sex and become enemies for life. These two are passionate, dedicated, intense people who can match each other in just about every aspect of life. Only time will tell whether these two have what it takes to create lasting love. Sex will be another issue.

Scorpio can expect to have amazing sex with Aries. Aries will be intrigued sexually with Scorpio. Where it goes beyond that is entirely up to them.