Sunday, 26 February 2012

How To Recognize... Leo

Leo, the person, rules you and everybody else. At least half the people you see living it up in style will be Leos. Leo hates the dark and boredom equally. There are no introverted Leos. There are only Leos who pretend to be introverts. Some Leos mellow with age, but the lion never really lowers his proud head. Never.
Leos walk straight and proud, with the smooth glide of the cat. The females combine lithe grace with a hidden, quivering intensity. This girl will be disguised by a soft, usually calm and steady nature. But don't forget that the lioness is always ready to pounce if she feels threatened. Her claws are sheathed, but sharp. The sign produces its share of blue eyes, but many Leos, especially the females, have dark brown eyes that are first soft and gentle, then snap and crackle with fire, often round in shape and slightly tilted at the corner. The hair is dark or reddish blonde and usually wavy, worn in a wild, careless style that upsweeps stands out fully on the top and the sides or is sleeked down tightly, one extreme or the other, and there's a noticeable ruddy complexion.
Leo just can't help feeling superior and behaving dramatically now and then. Leo is extremely astute. Leo expresses approval generously and openly, and can give almost embarrassingly extravagant compliments. He's not at all bashful about his displeasure, either. Whatever he says, he usually means. It can soothe or burn, but it never fails to leave an impression.
The regal ways of this Sun sign are splendid when the Leo man or woman is host or hostess. The fiery pride of Leo causes plenty of shattered love affairs and marriages. Reconciliations are about as frequent in Leo's emotional life as the splits. He's almost continually in the throes of passion, not just with the opposite sex, but with life itself. The Sun forgets to shine for them when romance dies. They are very generous and helpful.
Leo often runs high fevers, is prone to accidents, sudden, violent illnesses and is usually immune to chronic, lingering disease. Leos seem to have either superbly strong hearts or some sort of weakness in the heart area. They may suffer from pains in the back and shoulders, spinal troubles, accidents to the legs or ankles, problems relating to the reproductive organs and hoarseness or sore throats.
They are either dreadfully careless and sloppy or meticulously neat and orderly. It's hard to sway them from a set path, though they can sway others with convincing oratory. When they work, they work. When they play, they play. When they rest, they rest. Leo is a fiercely loyal friend, a just but powerful enemy, creative and original, strong and vital-whether he's a quiet or a flamboyant lion, for there are both kinds.
We overlook his arrogance, his sometimes insufferable ego; his rather ridiculous spells of vanity and laziness, because his heart, like his metal, is pure gold.
Brimming over with fun and generosity, the gay, affectionate lion prances in a field of poppies when his Sun is high in the sky-and the dice he throws with confidence bear the numbers one and four. Leo proudly wears a topaz for luck, and then pushes it too far, but he has a true inner dignity and grace that lets him carry his misfortunes with courage. The warm, yellow rays of his cheerful hope deepen to orange in the sunset's glow, and his nights are bright with a thousand stars.