Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (Jan 14 - Jan 20,'13)

You’re so happy it’s practically required that you spread the love around, spread the joy, inspire others. What motivates you on Monday is the feeling that you’re affecting other people’s lives. On Tuesday and Wednesday you run the risk of being misled, so listen to your gut and don’t do anything you’re unsure of (especially if it involves dollars moving out of your wallet). Thursday and Friday, the concepts of freedom and altruism are at the center of your days. This weekend you discover that you know more than you thought you did about someone or something.

Career & Finance
You couldn’t ask for a better opening to the week than you get on Monday — it’s full of vitality, sunshine, exciting challenges and (it must be said) attractive people. They’re coworkers or business partners or simply people driving in their cars en route to work. Whatever the case, you’re attuned to beauty around you, which keeps you attentive, even through the mundane middle of the week. Toward the end of the week — that is, on Thursday and Friday — your attention to things outside of yourself leads you to an awesome discovery.

Love & Relationships
Your eclectic appeal and quirky charisma are magnified big-time at the beginning of the week — there’s no time like the present for offering your special kind of inspiration to a certain someone. Then the coupled up could face a financial issue on Wednesday or Thursday, while singletons need to look closely to perceive the real value of a romantic situation. If you’re in charge of planning a date or an outing with friends this weekend, go with the oddball and interesting instead of the same old same old; a new experience brings a fresh discovery.