Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Capricorn (Jan 21 - Jan 27,'13)

Your social energy gets pretty strange this week, so you may want to wrap up obligations early, if possible. Monday is a great time to let your feelings be known fairly widely. Keep it short and sweet midweek, as you’re competing with far too many voices to be heard for more than a moment at a time. Restlessness keeps you on the move on Thursday and Friday, though you may not feel quite at home anywhere you end up — wait it out, though! The weekend is a good time to focus on your personal needs and cloister yourself for a bit.

Career & Finance

Those around you are inclined to chitchat at the beginning of the week, but you have a clear view of what needs to be done. So you cut to the chase — water cooler gossip can wait for another time. Watch for some extremes in energy after Wednesday; one minute you’re raring to go, and the next, you feel drained. Stay hydrated, eat healthy snacks and try a brief, brisk walk to rev up before an important meeting. If you’re working this weekend, you can expect a bit of a turf battle or a struggle over resources. Stand your ground, as usual.

Love & Relationships

Monday and Tuesday are ideal days to set your reservations aside and let your feelings be known. Whether you’re in a relationship or looking around, getting your values or hopes or fears out in the open makes room for some forward motion. After Wednesday, a romantic situation calls for some clarification: Distill it to its essence in your mind, disregarding what others might have to say. Your intellect and heart know best. Drama could erupt on the social front this weekend, and maybe it’s time to kiss the status quo goodbye. Change is good.