Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (Jan 14 - Jan 20,'13

You have no inhibitions on Monday. Talk to a perfect stranger? No problem. Tell someone all your ideas, even the ones you haven’t fully formed yet? Sure. This is a useful quality (this absolute openness), but it’s not the way to conduct yourself on Tuesday and Wednesday (days of broad dreaming, reconsideration, losing things). Thursday and Friday, it’s okay if you lose things — life is a game, and losing your cell phone is just one more hilarious obstacle. Saturday and Sunday, everything should be in its place — if not, well, hop to it.

Career & Finance
You understand things before they’re fully explained to you on Monday — that’s how ahead of everyone else you are. It’s no secret that you’re smart. Plus, you’re in a creative mood. That’s a potent combination. Tuesday and Wednesday you’re in the laboratory, working out hypothetical situations, projecting the future, scheming. This is useful work, but you’re not going to be able to explain it to coworkers on Thursday and Friday unless you find a way to make the information approachable. If you can make a game of it, that will help. Games figure strongly toward the end of the week.

Love & Relationships
Meeting new people — and impressing the heck out of them — is a piece of cake on Monday and Tuesday, meaning singles ought to get out and about (or online). Those in relationships really understand their significant other now, which strengthens bonds beautifully. You’re likely to be lost in your own thoughts midweek, and you’re probably preoccupied with matters outside the romantic sphere. But just wait until Friday, when the stars send a surge of love energy straight at you — and the playful, passionate vibes last through most of the weekend.