Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Scorpio (Jan 14 - Jan 20,'13)

Something utterly unexpected throws everything upside-down in your domestic realm on Monday: dishes are rolling every which way, the cat is in shock. Or maybe it’s not as calamitous as all that — but something big and rattling does happen. On Tuesday, it’s natural that you want to take it easy, but you’re not in a lazy mood, as your brain is on overdrive. Plus, romance is in the air. Wednesday has a storybook quality to it, but the practicalities of Thursday and Friday snap you out of that. The end of the week is a great time to start something, and the weekend is an ideal time to fall in love.

Career & Finance
Something outside of work is casting a shadow over Monday, making it incredibly difficult to concentrate. Share your frustrations with a coworker, and you’ll feel less alone. (You may also get some good advice.) It isn’t until Tuesday or Wednesday that work takes center stage in your life. And it’s very much a stage this week, a talent show of sorts. A certain trick of yours is going to surprise and delight everyone, including your boss. Thursday and Friday, if you’re at a loss for what progress you can make with your own projects, help out on someone else’s.

Love & Relationships
The week might start with some stormy emotions, but it’s all part of being a passionate person — and it may prompt some necessary change in the love arena. Then romance has the stars behind it on Wednesday and Thursday, and you’ve got the art of it down pat. Don’t forget about the power of what’s left unspoken. The coupled up should strive for a diplomatic resolution to a conflict this weekend; keep calm and find the common ground. Singletons who are methodical — saying hi to every stranger, emailing a half-dozen online prospects — can get great results and have fun while they’re at it.