Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (Jan 28 - Feb 3,'13)

Instead of telling someone to get off your back on Monday, show why there's no need for them to micromanage you. Concrete results are hard to argue with -- and over the next few days, you should be assembling more and more of them. You're rock-solid now, and you're definitely looking good. (Is love one of your goals? If so, what you can do now puts Cupid to shame!) From sometime later on Thursday through the weekend, issues of longevity and meaning should be given priority. Fleeting, frivolous stuff is fine, but you've got more important issues to attend to.

Career and Finance

You might feel a bit out of sorts on Monday as you try to negotiate a messy or disorganized workplace. It might all have a good cause, but you need to fix it up. Fortunately, your energy this week is perfect for making your work space workable, so don't be shy about taking additional steps to shape it all up. Values are on the table on Thursday and Friday and you're taking the discussion quite seriously. At least one serious disagreement comes between you and consensus, but you can bridge it. Stay in touch with your peers over the weekend -- interesting news is coming.

Love and Romance

You may get tired out incredibly easily on Monday and Tuesday, so you may have to beg off a date or otherwise reserve some energy for later in the week. Everyone should understand, though. You swing right back into the groove midweek, and ought to be able to make a big difference when dealing with the little details of love. Send a thoughtful message, bring just the right wine to a dinner date or show your sweetie that you know them better than they realize. The weekend is great for intense conversations -- maybe you've got something big to discuss.