Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (Jan 28 - Feb 3,'13)

New project? Special request? Heart's desire? Go for it on Monday, or be ready to wait. The advantage you've got as the week begins fades over the next few days, so respect the forces beyond your control now. If you're taking action, think carefully about the ripple effects. Beginning sometime later on Thursday, though, the effects you're having on others are noticeably positive ones. You can persuade just about anyone of just about anything now, so get others on your side! By Sunday, you're ready for a little solo downtime.

Career and Finance

You feel almost compelled to take on more risk than usual on Monday -- confirm your decisions with key players before committing their resources! You may have to go through all sorts of hoops midweek, because bureaucracy has reasserted itself into your life with a vengeance. Try to get through with a smile. On Thursday and Friday, you are thinking big and projecting long-term with great confidence and should be able to rely on support from your peers. Conversely, you drill down into the details this weekend and shouldn't have to rely on support.

Love and Romance

Take a big risk on Monday or Tuesday and ask out that super-hottie -- or tell your mate something you've been holding back forever. It might not go perfectly, but you should be pleasantly surprised (at the least) by the results. Your social life gets weird midweek, chiefly because you are far more irritable than usual! The right person should understand and, most likely, get out of the way. As the weekend develops, you should get a clearer sense of the big picture or long-term prospects of your love life.