Monday, 28 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (Jan 28 - Feb 3,'13)

Someone who’s on the same page as you is great on Monday, but somebody who can challenge your thinking and change your perspective is even better. Over the next few days, you’d better have a plan and stick to it as much as you’re able. Make a list, and update it as your priorities shift and you cross things off. (And don’t lose it!) Your love life is favored by the stars starting sometime later on Thursday. The romantic undertones aren’t so subtle! It’s hot stuff, as is an understanding you can gain or realization you can come to on Sunday.

Career & Finance

Keep your workload as light as possible as the week begins — you’ve got great social energy and should try to just work on your collegial relationships. Accounts become much more important on Tuesday and Wednesday, even if they’re pretty far removed from your own work. You may have to hunt down an invoice that got lost in the system. Later in the week is better suited to taking direct action. You should try to pounce immediately to take advantage of your amazing personal energy. You may resent instructions that come down from on high this weekend.

Love & Relationships

Your sassy side is on display as the week begins, and you might start debates just to see how your sweetie or date responds. It’s a good time to watch their mind work and think about what that means to you. Life’s little details trip you up on Wednesday and Thursday, so much so that you might forget an appointment or at least find yourself a bit too late for one. You can make up for it, but it might cost you! Fortunately, the weekend brings a gust of fresh energy your way, and you can come up with the perfect plan on the spur of the moment.