Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Virgo (Jan 21 - Jan 27,'13)

Try something new when you go out on Monday — your good personal energy makes exploration fun, rather than challenging! The middle part of the week makes communication somewhat more difficult than usual, though everyone seems to be willing to try. Expect at least one crucial misunderstanding. Your social energy makes you the center of attention for at least part of the end of the week, and you should enjoy it immensely. The weekend is perfect for organizational and cleaning projects of all kinds.

Career & Finance

You’ve got logical matters down cold as the week begins, but your communication skills could use a little honing. The best way to make sure your message is getting across is to ask to have it repeated back to you. After midday Wednesday, think teamwork. Rather than you carrying the weight for the less organized in the group, you should all find a way to complement one another’s skill sets and make great progress. This weekend, keep your plans and your attitude flexible when it comes to working. Pitching in at the last minute may be a pain, but it’ll net you unanticipated rewards.

Love & Relationships

Get together with a compatible soul — your mate, a potential one or a friend — at the beginning of the week, and your conversation can take you into very interesting new territory. Your ability to express yourself now is pretty spectacular, so take advantage of it prior to Wednesday and Thursday, when the potential for being misunderstood increases. Watch your romantic communication on these days in order to avoid unnecessary drama. Friends, parties and high-energy socializing are in the cards this weekend, and for you that undoubtedly involves fun, flattery and flirtation.