Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aquarius (Jan 28 - Feb 3,'13)

Make time to stop and truly consider an unusual person or occurrence on Monday. If you just rush through, you'll miss a symbol or a message. More pragmatic stuff should be given top priority over the next few days. It's important to meet deadlines, cover contingencies and build solid foundations, both at work and in your personal life. Boring, right? Not necessarily -- the satisfaction you find might surprise you. And if you want excitement, you're likely to get it after Thursday, especially if you take a chance on something or someone new.

Career and Finance

You've got plenty of creative energy to work with on Monday, so see if you can throw yourself at projects that can use that special touch. Watch out for group efforts in the middle of the week, as it's quite likely that at least one peer or supervisor has a hidden agenda that might affect the outcome for you. Thursday and Friday are great for meeting new customers or partners from far off or for applying diverse principles to your day-to-day activities. The weekend is a very good time to think about advancement and how to climb ever higher.

Love and Romance

Relationships are at the forefront early this week, so even if you've been single for a while, you are at least thinking about the long-term. It may be a good time for you to shake up your preconceptions and see what other possibilities await! On Wednesday and Thursday, expect to be somewhat at odds with anyone you're involved with, or even interested in. Everyone has different needs, and sometimes you just need to work them out separately. Your great energy over the weekend really helps you understand where your date is coming from.