Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Libra (Jan 28 - Feb 3,'13)

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but on Monday it can get you places that are worth exploring. Follow any leads, and follow your nose. Clarity about goals -- at work, in your personal life, in health or spirituality -- keeps you from getting bogged down or wasting time over the next few days. Then, starting sometime later on Thursday and lasting through most of the weekend, you've got a magnetism that's unstoppable. Relationships can really evolve now, and any new ones get off to a big, beautiful start. A work issue needs at least a moment of your time on Sunday.

Career and Finance

You've got a lot of questions to answer on Monday, but you're ready for all of them. In fact, you might very well make a good impression on someone who comes to you expecting very little. The rest of the week is fairly slow, though your good energy does build itself up quite a bit. Expect little progress midweek. On Thursday and Friday you might want to focus on workplace beautification or making your products or services appear more appealing to new markets. Cash flow is hugely important over the weekend, but you almost certainly need to handle it in real time.

Love and Romance

Your ability to stand out -- and take charge -- should prove immensely valuable as the week begins. Even if you're just out on the street or otherwise minding your own business, you show what you're made of, and the right person comes close to swooning. Wednesday and Thursday are perfect for maintaining a holding pattern of sorts, without advancing or retreating on any front. Your energy starts to ramp up as the weekend begins, and you should find that your tastes are almost perfectly sated throughout.