Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aries (Jan 21 - Jan 27,'13)

You’re dwelling in the past just a bit on Monday, but it’s not so bad that you need to do anything hasty. Keep your phone handy at all times midweek, as you should get at least one important call at that time that rings your bell in a new way. Thursday and Friday are emotionally challenging, but as long as you have an outlet to talk, cry, scream or cackle maniacally, you should feel pretty great by the time it’s all over. This weekend fills you with great energy, and it may be a good time to dazzle your family or date with a home-cooked meal.

Career & Finance

As the week begins, you’re brimming with innovative ideas and firing off emails detailing them. Just be sure to reread each one to make sure your fresh brilliance is crystal clear. You may also be ready to move on purchasing some new business equipment — and the stars say go for it. Sometime Wednesday, your productivity may suffer because your mind is elsewhere. If your thoughts are occupied with family matters or you’re feeling unusually emotional, own up to it and take a break. Then return to work at full power. This weekend, expect some creative inspiration to come from an unusual source.

Love & Relationships

Something or someone is blocking your romantic progress on Monday or Tuesday, and your natural instinct is to barrel right on through. Tact, subtlety and (yes, breathe deeply) patience make better strategies now, though. You’ll find that everything’s freer and easier through the latter part of the week — you may even feel more like just flirting and enjoying yourself rather than pressing forward with any particular love agenda. If you’re extra emotional this weekend, you’re also extra intuitive — let that little voice clue you in.