Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (Jan 21 - Jan 27,'13)

Monday brings out the best in you — or at least an unexpected strength! You should find it easier to impress the right person. Great energy starts to pour in midweek, so you can expect ten times as many great ideas. You should be able to meet the right person or show them what they need to see with your usual flair! Watch out for possessiveness on Thursday and Friday. You’re not usually the most jealous of people, but sometimes you can’t see the big picture and you can get grabby. The weekend brings everyone back in sync, so expect harmony and peace.

Career & Finance

You’re generating great ideas at the rate of a mile a minute as the week begins — all you need is a collaborator or team to help you keep track of them and start moving. The almighty dollar is in the stars after Wednesday, and you’d be wise to be more conservative than you usually are with budgets, expense accounts, purchase orders and the like. Double-check those numbers and figure out where the cash flow is landing. Your mind’s lit up like a pinball machine this weekend, and a non-work-related debate may give you a terrific concept to enact on Monday.

Love & Relationships

A secret seems alluring at the week’s outset, but there’s a strength in truth — up front and outright — that, while not as sexy, actually moves romantic matters forward. From Wednesday through Friday, more than enough is going on to occupy your quick wits and sometimes-fickle attention. The line between intellectual discussion and flirty banter is a deliciously fuzzy one now — a pleasure for both brain and heart. This weekend, your usual ‘whatever’ attitude may desert you as you dig in your heels about what you want — and maybe that’s not such a bad thing.