Monday, 28 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aries (Jan 28 - Feb 3,'13)

Find something to do with that excess energy on Monday! You’re all wound up in a good way, but over the next few days you might feel bogged down, physically and mentally. Make an effort to handle things as they arise, rather than procrastinating; you’ll feel better about your current state of affairs and thank yourself later. And you’ll get your groove back, if the stars have their say, starting sometime later on Thursday. That mind of yours is especially fruitful, particularly when it comes to an interpersonal situation. Act now, because Sunday’s best for rest.

Career & Finance

You almost can’t help but take direct action on Monday — get your resources together and do whatever feels right in your gut! Details get seriously annoying midweek and you might have to take far more time than you would like wrangling them into some kind of decent shape. The end of the week is great for starting new projects or launching new initiatives, even if they meet with resistance from the troops. Push them through! You might have too many work-related thoughts floating through your mind this weekend to be able to really relax.

Love & Relationships
Your positive energy is so strong on Monday and Tuesday that you might almost decide to startsomething totally new. Your childlike optimism means that anything seems possible to you, and you ought to be able to convince the right person to go along with it. You may be overwhelmed with details midweek, and certainly can’t deal with them all at once — you should try to respond to one thing at a time until your mate or date gets the hint and slows down. Start something new this weekend. If not a new romance, you may want to try working on something with your sweetie.