Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Taurus (Jan 14 - Jan 20,'13)

On Monday you come across the scene of a game of arm wrestling. But is it friendly? This scene, and this question, is an appropriate metaphor for the day — its tension, its weirdness, its sportiness. Tuesday and Wednesday return you to those old chestnuts of communication and compassion, two pillars of almost any friendship. It goes without saying — yet it’s worth remembering — that your friends are people you can open up to. Thursday and Friday are part mad dash, part leisurely stroll. You don’t get your pace right until the weekend.

Career & Finance
Monday is potentially disheartening. The whole tenor of a struggle at work — not only what the struggle is about but what it reveals about the people involved — makes you feel, well, disheartened. Tuesday and Wednesday, you’re ripe for a long, honest conversation with someone who knows you well enough to be helpful. You’re in need of golden advice. Thursday and Friday, you’re eager to implement a big change, but moving quickly isn’t the way to go. Think it all the way through. Take your time. You reflect on your new plan with a sense of relief this weekend.

Love & Relationships
Beware of mixed messages, crossed signals and general weirdness in the realm of romance at the beginning of the week. Any assumptions are likely to be mistaken and expectations confounded. Singletons get by with a little help from their friends — and have fun doing so — on Wednesday and Thursday, while the coupled up work well together on a project. The key to love around Friday and Saturday is to look before you leap; someone or circumstances may be rushing you, but take your own sweet time. Sunday ushers in some passionate energy for you — enjoy it, hot stuff!