Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Leo (Jan 28 - Feb 3,'13)

Go after what you want on Monday! You've got the kind of stellar glow that makes it very difficult for anyone to say no. Then finances are in your stars big-time over the next few days. Do you have a plan? And are you sticking to it? You've got to get practical, and there's no time like the present. Don't put it off -- you'll want your time free to attend to sweeter stuff starting sometime later on Thursday. Common ground is easy to find with others now, and mutual admiration abounds. All through the weekend, the care you give relationships shows in how they grow!

Career and Finance

Revel in the big news on Monday -- you deserve the praise you're getting and more! It's one of those days that reminds everyone why they keep you around. Midweek you may retreat into your office or under a pile of work so that you avoid the temptation to keep socializing at the expense of your responsibilities. You should remember to speak up frequently in meetings and drop lines to those you haven't heard from in a while late in the week, as all relationships require communication. Listen to your instincts this weekend and you can't go wrong.

Love and Romance

You begin the week on a tear -- your creative energy makes you unstoppable! It's easy for you to woo a new hottie or to make your long-term partner feel all tingly once again, just by showing them your capabilities. You need a breather on Wednesday and Thursday, and should definitely try to get some you-time on your own in one way or another. Even a long walk will do the trick, as long as you have no social obligations. The time alone may give you a few new ideas, and this weekend is the perfect time to bring them up. Talking is simply easier for everyone.