Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Aries (Jan 14 - Jan 20,'13)

Monday resounds like a gong. The clarity, the brightness, the force, the impressive energy around everything you do — all of this makes for a positive beginning to the week. Tuesday and Wednesday go some way toward diminishing the auspiciousness, what with how stop-start and dramatic they are. But Thursday and Friday deliver on Monday’s promise (think hilltops, finish lines, slam-dunks, staggering geographic discoveries). Saturday and Sunday, you begin wondering how money fits into the picture, which, in turn, leads you to think about your career and future.

Career & Finance
You’re a success on Monday — a star. The staff at a business magazine should put you on the cover and interview you about your secrets. The biggest secret is pretty simple: You’re interested in other people, in working together, in activating other talents. That’s why, on Tuesday and Wednesday, when you experience an out-of-character turn toward introspection, you get out of it by focusing all the energy you have toward others. Smart move. Thursday and Friday, you’re initiating new things left and right — new relationships, new projects … maybe even whole new companies.

Love & Relationships
You’re a mastermind when it comes to matters of the heart at the week’s outset — though a little collaboration makes the planning all the sweeter. Get a friend or the object of your desire in on the agenda-setting. On Wednesday and Thursday, though, try to lay low when it comes to love. Save the implementation of those brilliant, hot plans until later — say, on Friday or Saturday, when you’re brilliant and hot too. Your overtures are very likely embraced now, both figuratively and literally. Sunday looks slow and mellow — perfect for a leisurely, romantic brunch or just sleeping in.