Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Pisces (Jan 21 - Jan 27,'13)

You have just the right words on your tongue on Monday, so it’s a great time to meet the parents, go in for an interview or just shoot the breeze with your friends. Expect disappointment — or at least surprise — in the middle of the week as clarity dissolves into something a bit more muddled. You need to put on a show later in the week, and while that might not be totally comfortable, you should find that you’re quite good at it! Your weekend is far too busy or contains far too may errands and chores for you to handle, but it’s over quickly.

Career & Finance

Brainstorming and blue-sky meetings are much more your speed than plugging away at mundane tasks early this week. Free up some time to find a brilliant, creative solution to a lingering issue. From Wednesday through Friday, you’re a great performer and the world of work is your stage; entertaining clients or networking is a breeze. Schedule your work-related social engagements accordingly. This weekend, minding your own business is a far better idea than getting drawn into office politics. Politely disengage from any gossip that finds its way to you.

Love & Relationships

Please your creative side with some poetry, art, delicious food or music at the beginning of the week, whether you’re creating it or avidly appreciating it. Oh, and find someone to share it with — the stars say it shouldn’t be hard now. Romantic matters could be changing rapidly from Wednesday through Friday, and while it may be a bit bewildering, these periods of flux are necessary for progress. Starting Friday night and through the weekend, love looks lovely for you. Singletons should be able to strike up something new, while couples find themselves freshly appreciated by their mates.