Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Cancer (Jan 14 - Jan 20,'13)

What with everyone on very different pages on Monday, you’re wise to stick to intellectual conversation points rather than, say, personal ones. And, likewise, you’d be well off to demonstrate that you’re listening and that you care. Tuesday and Wednesday, listening is not your strong suit, what with your imagination constantly sending you in far-flung directions. It’s all you can do to remember a simple task. Thursday and Friday, everything moves along lickety-split — too fast even, faster than you’d like. Step on the brakes whenever you get the chance. This weekend: Dinner party? Do it!

Career & Finance
When it comes to creating budgets, there’s bound to be conflict, because funds directly correlate with a person’s ability to do their job. Plus, budgets make the hierarchy of priorities plain to see. This leads to Monday’s tension. Tuesday and Wednesday are more relaxed and casual. You have plenty of time to pursue your whims (which is a good thing for your long-term career). Thursday and Friday your interactions with authority are beset by friction, so avoid authority figures (bosses especially). But this weekend? This weekend, everyone’s thrilled to see you.

Love & Relationships
Somebody may be playing hard to get at the beginning of the week, and it’s not you. In fact, you have your heart on your sleeve, and you may be feeling a bit vulnerable. Just wait until Wednesday and Thursday, though, when unknown factors — and unknown feelings — can come to light. Bonus: You’re in sync with others now, and understanding is easy to come by. This weekend, however, what you think you understand may involve an assumption that you really should double-check before you jump to conclusions — and get passionate about them.