Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Sagittarius (Jan 21 - Jan 27,'13)

The week just expands and expands for you! Start out on Monday by focusing on tiny details like paint swatches or bill payment schemes, then move out into socializing midweek. You do need to take greater care then, as most folks are far more sensitive to slights and insults than usual, but you should manage just fine. Dive deeply into your love life or some other all-encompassing aspect of your existence: You can make great progress if you keep pushing. The weekend’s energy is nearly perfect and offers an abundance of options for you.

Career & Finance

At the beginning of the week, someone in your work environment is talking the talk, but action just isn’t forthcoming. Stay busy with tasks that have outcomes you can control, rather than getting frustrated or behind schedule. After Wednesday, you’ll get an opportunity to involve yourself more deeply in a project and leave your mark on it. Bonus: You’ll also build on a mutually beneficial relationship. You’ll make gains this weekend in the world of work — gains that will be matched by personal growth. So apply yourself to what matters most.

Love & Relationships

Communicate about the little things at the beginning of the week — what specifically you like so much about someone, or the details of dates, or funny little stories — and watch the big things magically take care of themselves. After Wednesday, though, you could get tired of someone else’s talk — maybe their actions aren’t backing it up or you’d like to hear something on a deeper level. Don’t let it go if it’s bothering you. The weekend is an excellent time for asking some questions — especially in relationships — and discussing differing ideals. Real progress is absolutely possible.