Monday, 21 January 2013

Weekly Predictions... Libra (Jan 21 - Jan 27,'13)

Let go of the small stuff as the week begins — otherwise it’s just going to bog you down later! You should find it quite easy to communicate your deepest feelings and ideas on Tuesday and Wednesday, and others are far more receptive than usual. The later part of the week is best for finishing stuff up and trying to maintain a balance between your various projects and obligations. Creative energy dominates the weekend, so start a new project or try your hand at art, especially something totally new to you.

Career & Finance

Volunteer for a new task at the beginning of the week, even if you have to change your schedule to fit it in. You’ll earn kudos for taking it on, and the fresh challenge is just what your intellect needs. Sometime after Wednesday, a crisis may interrupt your usual routine, so be ready to do some damage control. Now’s when you want to stick with current projects and put off launching other initiatives. By the weekend, you’re back on track workwise, and someone may call on you to consult on an important issue. Your big-picture approach is just the insight they need.

Love & Relationships

Set your emotions aside at the beginning of the week and take a close look at your attachments. You can — and should — renegotiate pieces of a relationship now that aren’t working for you (and that should be remarkably easy). From Wednesday through Friday, you’ve got the gift of gab and then some. You can stun just about anyone with your brainpower, but you can also reach a new, deeper understanding with somebody special. Don’t be afraid to let those feelings out. For best romantic results this weekend, set your own agenda aside and sweetly, selflessly lend someone else a hand.